5 Crazy F1 Idea For The Future

Formula 1 racing has changed over the years, but looking forward, a couple quick alterations could dramatically change the sport:

  1. Drivers changing their own tires.- Right now, drivers get quick and quality service when they stop to change their tires, but wouldn’t it be more fair and more of a challenge if they had to change the tires themselves?  It would definitely be a game-changer.
  2. Grids drawn by a lottery. – To decide the line-up, why not draw lucky numbers of the drivers?  The first picked get to start out front.  This could sometimes leave the fastest drivers in the middle of the pack, having to fight to get to the front.  This would certainly change up strategy for the drivers.
  3. Unusual terrain. – Formula 1 races always occur on Tarmac, but why?  Experimenting with different surfaces, such as sand or dirt, and adding in some obstacles and jumps could change the sport dramatically.
  4. Circuit shortcuts. – In addition to different terrain, alternative routes could also change the game.  Decision making would become an increasingly integral part of the sport, and it might make F1 even more interesting to watch.
  5. Tweeting during races. – Modern technology now allows us to listen in on conversations between drivers and teams, which can be very entertaining for audiences, but placing a screen on the steering wheel could allow drivers to live tweet during the race, increasing interaction with the audience.

Want to learn more? Check out: http://www.redbull.com/us/en/motorsports/f1/stories/1331634941622/f1-crazy-future-ideas

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