5 Free and Easy Ways to Maximize Your Digital Marketing


If you think digital marketing is a hassle – think again. There are tons of free ways to show off your auto shop online. Here at CarCareCONNECT we are experts in automotive digital marketing, but there are many things you can do all by yourself. Here’s our list of the top 5 ways you can get the most out of digital marketing for your auto shop – all completely free!


     1. Actively use social media – We can’t stress the importance of social media enough. It allows you to exponentially extend your reach by sharing promotions, informing your customers of open appointments, and highlighting anything you want to about your auto shop. We’ve written so many blogs about how important social media is, so check them out!

     2. Give your existing customers a microphone – Referrals and word of mouth are extremely effective ways to get new customers. If your current customers have had a good experience with your auto shop, let them share it with their friends and family! Provide a place for them to write you a good review on your website or Facebook page – with a share button that all their friends and followers can see it too.

     3. Start the conversation – Generate fresh content for your blogs and social media posts – and prompt readers to leave comments. Take the time to write one or two blog posts per month about something you are really passionate about, and those who are interested in your topic will naturally be drawn to your website.

     4. Get on your local listings – Make sure your auto shop is registered on Google Places, Yahoo! Local, and Bing. All of these listings are completely free, and let your shop show up more easily on mobile devices no matter what search engine is being used to find you.

    5. Join an online community – There are so many automotive communities online that you should get involved in. Once you’re in, try not to be that annoying mechanic that only posts about yourself, really contribute to the group’s purpose while passively promoting your auto shop. Just putting a link or mentioning your business in the context of your content is enough. Consider joining groups and contributing to the conversation! Who knows – you might just extend your business connections and learn a few things.


Take advantage of these free tools to improve your digital marketing strategy for your auto shop. At CarCareCONNECT, our experts in web design, SEO, and digital marketing can open you to so many other digital marketing tools that will really make your business flourish online. Contact us today to assess your current digital marketing strategy and see how we can improve it.

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