6 Ways to Show Personality Online


Your customers want a real mechanic who they can connect with. They should be able to get a sense of your colorful personality when they visit your website. If your website doesn’t accurately display how awesome you are, it’s hard for customers to see it on their own. Customers want to see a website that is both professional and authentic, a website that when they see it, they immediately know that they are in good hands.  Here are some of our tips for showing the real you:


  • Get in front of the camera. Stock photos are nice, but sometimes it’s best to show the real you. Have a photographer come in and take photos of your shop, office, and customers. Yeah, that photo on your homepage showing attractive woman showing off newly repaired BMW in the middle of the road implies that your auto repair shop gave her that new car. But people are smart enough to know that she’s a model. Show them your real work.


  • Write naturally. Write your blogs, social media, and emails in the same manner that you would speak to your customers in person. Sometimes it is helpful to actually speak the words you are typing as you write, that way you can tell what sounds the most natural. Most online readers skim through your content, so give them something they can read over easily.


  • Tell a story. On your “about” page, no one wants to read your resume. They want to know who you are as a person. Take this opportunity to write about how you got to where you are today, or the story of your auto shop.


  • Be more than just “business.” If you’re a practicing mechanic, everyone already knows you’re great at your job. But what do you like to do for fun? What are you truly passionate about (other than cars?) You never know who you could connect with by putting this sort of information on your page.


  • Create a Team page. Getting to know the head mechanic is important, but customers also want to see the bios of your whole staff. Show your customers that they have a full team supporting them when they walk into your office.


  • Polish your website. Keep a sleek look that reflects the way you run your shop. This is where CarCareCONNECT can help. We specialize in showing the personalities of our clients in each website we work on. Whether you specialize in brakes or collision repair, we’ll replicate your personality through your website.


We want your website visitors to know the real you as soon as they land on your page. If you want more advice on bringing out the real you in your website, give our marketing experts a call at 1.800.591.8675 or use our CONTACT US page.

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