8 Awesome New Car Tools from SEMA

SEMA, the annual Las Vegas gathering of the Specialty Equipment Market Association, is not only an chance to exhibit crazy custom cars, it’s also a venue to debut some of the hottest new tools available in the automotive sphere. Some of these revolutionary new tools this year include:

  1. S-K Tools Ratcheting Wrenches ($400 for a 8 mm- 19 mm set)This new ratcheting mechanism features three pairs of inner teeth, allowing for more power.  The wrench also rotates a bolt in less than one third of the typical arc swing, which is a new innovative feature that allows for movement in small spaces.
  2. NotcHead Hardline Clamps ($16.95 for 3/16”, $22.95 for ½”)These revolutionary new machined acetal copolymer clamps allow for easy cleaning and repair, as lines and hoses can be snapped in and out of place easily, unlike the traditional metal brackets used to attached lines.  Each clamps is also CNC machined and heat resistant up to 300 degrees.
  3. Bubba Rope Gator Jaw Soft Shackle ($41.95 each)Steel U-bolts are a thing of the past.  This new plasma rope is a high-strength, double-braided nylon rope with a urethane polymer coating, and it is strong enough to be used for towing.  It can handle up to 32,000 pounds.  Light, durable, and safer than the traditional U-bolt, the Bubba Rope is changing the towing game.
  4. Ingersoll Rand W5330/W5350 Cordless Right Angle Impactool ($300)Cordless and featuring a new and improved design, this new version of the impactool is sure to turn heads. And bolts.  It has a trigger that is easy to use with either your finger or thumb in various orientations, packs 190 Ib-ft of torque, spins at 1,900 Rpm, has the impact mechanism in the head to deliver more driving force, and is designed to loosen or attach bolts in awkward spaces.  This new model is also easy to repair due to its detachable panel.
  5. Bracketron Earth Elements Universal Dash Mount ($39.95)These days, we change phones with the seasons, wouldn’t it be nice to have a phone mount that could work with any model?  This mount is versatile and features a strong magnet, so you don’t have to worry about your phone flying off, even on the bumpiest of car rides.
  6. 3M Intake System Cleaner ($23.99)Want to clean your own intake system?  With this new cleaner, gone are the days of worrying about messing with external hardware to regulate pressure.  3M’s new cleaner has a special locking mechanism that regulates flow straight from the can.
  7. Eastwood Plastic Restorer ($29.99)This product creates a quality and durable finish by breaking down the plastic’s surface on a microscopic level and introducing black resin back into the material.
  8. Stratasys 3D Printing Ultem 1010 Resin ($7 per cubic inch)This is a high-performance FDM thermoplastic that has a higher tensile strength and delivers better heat and chemical resistant than any other thermoplastic.  The example intake manifold for a formula SAE Series car takes about 2 ½ days to 3D print.

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