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Access Your Call-Tracking Analysis

Follow our step-by-step guide!

Step 1

Click “LOGIN” underneath Call Analytics.


Step 2



Step 3

View the Call Dashboard on the left. The Calls Summary
page brings you to a more detailed explanation of the calls
going through and includes recordings of the calls.


Step 4

At the top of the Calls Summary page you can find the
number of calls that have come through, the average time
of calls, the best time for calls, and more. A Good Call is an
answered call, and a Bad Call is an unanswered call.


Step 5

At the bottom of the Calls Summary page, you can get a
brief summary of each call along with the option to listen
to a recording of the call if available.



Step 6

The Ad List page provides a list of the active call tracking
ads for your business. Click the “+” to expand the ad and
see two charts and a few additional options. “Campaign
Dashboard” brings you back to the main Report page.
“Call Log” shows detailed call information such as the date
and time of calls and any call recordings. “Settings” takes
you to the Campaign Settings page, which covers all call
settings that have been previously set.



Step 7

The Call Log page lets you view the list of calls that have
come through. Click “+” to expand for details of the call as
well as the option to listen to the call.