Auto Shop Landing Pages 101


Q: What is a landing page?

A: A landing page has no direct connection with your actual website. It is a page that can only be accessed from a link that is provided through your marketing content, like a call-to-action or a Pay-Per-Click campaign. If someone arrives at your landing page, that means they must have shown interest in your advertisement from a previous website. Auto shops want to use this interest to obtain contact information from potential customers.

Q: What are the different types of Landing Pages?

A: A Lead Generation Landing Page is designed to capture the visitor’s information (name, email address, phone number) in exchange for some type of offer. A common example of this would be a sign-up for a newsletter subscription.

On the other hand, a Click-Through Landing Page acts as a channel between an online advertisement and its final destination. This type of landing page gives information to the buyer and gets the ready for a purchase. A common example of this would be a page that lets you buy a part or set up an appointment online.

Q: Why Should I Care About Landing Pages as a Mechanic?

A: Landing pages are important to your automotive repair shop because they indicate when someone has taken interest in what you are offering online. This initial interest makes it much easier to convert more website visitors into customers. If you use other ways to drive traffic to your site, a landing page can help you filter through your online visitors and increase their chance of choosing your shop as their mechanic. Overall, a landing page is a hugely effective way to bring in more customers.

Q: What Should I Do Next?

A: Talk to one of our automotive marketing experts on how Landing Pages can benefit your shop!

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