Customer Service Got You Down?


Most automotive business owners realize the importance of a positive customer experience. Positive experiences lead to repeat customers, referrals, and a favorable reputation within the community.  The problem is that most auto shop owners don’t know “exactly” how to create a stellar customer experience.

The key to understanding customer experience is realizing it’s more than just providing great customer service. The customer experience is all-encompassing and includes everything from website ease of use to how well your employees engage the customers.


6 steps To Creating a Better Customer Experience

Figure out who makes up your customer base. Divide up your customer list into your core customers and those who come to the shop infrequently.  Find out the common traits of the customers on your list, such as age or location.

Ask your customers how you can improve. When you’re running a busy auto business, it’s easy to miss some of the smaller details. One of the ways to help overcome that problem is through customer feedback. Try using email, direct mail, and website surveys to get feedback. Tap in to their input and you’ll improve customer confidence.

Respond promptly to complaints. Most customers realize that some things are out of your hands. Respond openly and honestly to complaints and address issues promptly. This will go a  long way in resolving the problem and gaining a life-long customer.

Train your staff in customer service. Train your staff in going the extra mile and in having a strong customer experience awareness. Things like professionalism in the workplace, friendliness,  responding to customer needs quickly, and pride in the business go a long way in creating a positive experience.

Get organized. Use organizational tools to help keep track of customers, invoicing and inventory. Make sure your automotive website has clear navigation and concise information.

Be creative. Knowing and listening to your customers can help you develop innovative ways for your auto shop to stand  out from all others. The information might lead you to consider adding special amenities, such as a shuttle service, or sectioning off a small section of the shop as a customer business center where they can work while they wait.


Every moment, from the first contact with your website to the time a customer leaves your shop, leaves an overall impression. Understanding the process from the customer perspective and actively seeking ways to improve is one of the few, truly authentic ways to better your business and ensure lasting success.

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