DIY Auto Repair Shops

As the world changes, so does the auto repair industry. What’s one big change? DIY auto repair shops. These are places where car owners who want to do things themselves can come and use professional equipment to fix their cars. To top the awesome off, actual professionals are available to help when needed and consumers can save big bucks.

This idea isn’t actually a new concept. The hosts of NPR’s Car Talk actually got their start with a DIY auto shop outside of Boston. Additionally, the military has been providing such garages for a long time and, in fact, many of the store owners of self-service garages are veterans who decided to carry the concept into civilian life.

The idea of equipping customers with the ability to do car repairs on their own has seeped into other industries as well. Home Depot has started funneling some funds to build on the idea of “Do-It-Yourself Automotive”. A company that prides itself in equipping people to be hands on, Home Depot believes that many of its consumer base would jump on this opportunity. The CFO of Home Depot considers this new angle highly profitable and the company has already begun piloting the idea in a few select stores. Whether or not they will begin to implement the idea nationwide is still up in the air.

While the concept sounds amazing, there is a significant safety concern with DIY auto repair shops. For this reason, the insurance investment can reach a sum of about one million. Despite this investment, entrepreneurs are still attempting to make this concept a reality. As new shops continue to open up, only time will tell if the concept will spread across the nation.

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