Ferrari Wows the F1 Crowd

The 2014 Ferrari F1 season was one of the worst that the franchise has ever seen. A once dominating leader, the Italian car makers decided that something needed to change. This year, Ferrari has wow’d the crowd with their new SF-15T. While many agree that last years model was not the most aesthetically pleasing, this year’s model makes up for any shortcomings 2014 held. So what’s new? What’s different? Here’s the breakdown of Ferrari’s newest addition.


Thanks to some changes in regulation about the nose of the racing car, Ferrari was able to change the front of this car. The new nose allows for better airflow around and under the center section of the car. Ten different elements work to add downward force and effect to follow-on airflow to the underbody and air management into the brake cooling ductwork. The new nose will help the functionality of the car and it doesn’t hurt that the sleek new design looks pretty good.


You will notice that the front of the car is lower in accordance to the 2015 regulations. Also, there is a much tighter packaged rear end allowing for more downforce. The rear wing family has also be altered to allow for more control in corners with allowing for larger DRS effect on straights. Made out of carbon-firbre and honeycomb composite structure, this chassis promises to be light and effective.


2014 was the first time Brake-by Wire was allowed to be used on F1 cars. The new Ferrari model take BBW and improves it for better performances. It now produces a response that allows drivers sensitive control when they break at the limit. While the rear brakes are brake by wire, the front are Brembo ventilated carbon-fibre disc brakes.


This year, regulations required and increase in weight of 11kg. By adding 11kg, Ferrari was able to add some extra aspects for performance while still keeping the car at 702kg with water, lubricant, and driver.

It’s safe to say that Ferrari has created a top of the line motor vehicle. Ferrari is not the only manufacturer to release new designs recently. Red Bull has also released their plans for a new F1 car. Time will tell whether or not Ferrari will be able to overcome the competition and regain their spot as a F1 standard of excellence.

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