How To Avoid Confusing Content


Does your auto repair site have a blog, or a place on your website for content? If not, it should. But even if you already have a blog on your website, that doesn’t mean that it will automatically be a huge success. If you’re a mechanic who is writing your own content for your website or blog, it’s important to remember that not everyone knows what a spark plug or throttle body. You have to cater your content to your reader, or else your website suddenly becomes confusing and boring. Here’s our guide to delivering clear and effective content on your website:


  • Be clear. Remember, your main readers are people who are interested in what your auto repair shop has to offer. Why else would they be interested in reading your Mechanic’s bio or your blog about tires?  Tell them everything they want to know about your services or shop culture without dancing around the subject.


  • Leave out the technical terms. Incoming customers don’t want to read about hydraulic modulator assembly or a schrader valve. Instead, give them the information they want at a reading level they can understand. It might strange, but the average American has right around an 8th grade reading level.  It’s important to keep that in mind while you’re writing for your site.


  • Get feedback. As a practicing mechanic, you might think that your content is clear, direct, and easy to understand. But it’s always nice to have a  second opinion from someone in another profession. Have some of your current customers read your site and give you feedback on how easy it is for them to process it.


Good content makes for more trustworthy customers, higher SEO ranking, and better relationships. If you still struggle with writing content for your website, we are here to help. Check out how strong your website is using our free website diagnostic here. If your site doesn’t score as high as you would like, you might want to think about improving your content.

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