NAPA Integration Partners

NAPA Integration Partners ( provides users of many popular third-party point of sale (POS) systems the ability to connect and order from their NAPA store. The website contains detailed information for users on how to register and setup for the services that NAPA Integration Partners provides. The business registration and information website provides integration to NAPA for 3 specific systems:

Automotive Repair

If your auto body shop uses one of the industry leading mechanical shop management POS systems (NAPA TRACS, Mitchell Manager, RO Writer, etc.), you’re already on the right track! You can completely automate the NAPA buying process through NAPA’s Integration Partner service which can access the online NAPA catalog to lookup parts you need. By doing this, the service can place orders with servicing NAPA stores completely online and seamlessly and add the parts to estimates and repair orders.

So what does this do for your shop? Imagine having your part ordering system being completely done by itself, under a NAPA certified service. It will greatly improve the efficiency and productivity of your shop, so you can concentrate on other important things in your shop.

eCommerce Purchasing

Are you using a large eProcurement application? If you find your eProcurement client listed here, then you can register your company with NAPA to shop the NAPA Catalog using the eProcurement program. You can request an account with NAPA to use the PunchOut B2B site. The website provides you a list of supported systems and in-depth details on how NAPA integrates with your specific eProcurement application.

Collision Estimating

NAPA CollisionPRO streamlines the NAPA buying parts process in your shop by letting you electronically connect to your local servicing NAPA AUTO Parts Store for pricing, availability, and online ordering. By providing integration to many of the most popular collision estimation POS systems, NAPA CollisionPRO gives you access to a variety of connectivity on NAPA catalog features.

Sign up by choosing which Collision Estimating system you are currently using from CCC Pathways, Mitchell Ultramate, and ADP. After choosing your system, the website also provides registration instructions in a PDF form and downloadable navigation videos, and it also allows you to send a Cyncast support request to get started on updating your system.

What’s so great about NAPA Integration Partners?

It provides your auto body shop the beauty of automation! By automating the ordering processes of your shop, it can save you time and money through the efficiency it brings your business. Want to find out more about what cutting-edge automation can do for your company? Check out our blog on automation!

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