NAPA is in the business of helping small auto shops succeed.They provide various professional services for car shop owners who may need an extra helping hand. One of the services they offer with NAPA TRACS is PROLink. PROLink is an online order management solution with some great tools like:

  • Catalog Look-Ups: Search for parts using VIN numbers, job type, description, category, key word, or NAPA Interchange
  • Find-It: Search the complete NAPA channel for parts needed at multiple NAPA stores
  • eCatalog Rack: Print, zoom and view items from eCatalogs and transfer directly to your estimate and order
  • Part Images: Take a minute to see what your parts look like to make sure it’s really what you want before you order
  • Specials: Learn about what deals NAPA is offering
  • Toolbox: Sortable list of NAPA web resources: line cards, Tech Hotlines, Conversion Calculator, etc.
  • Quick Picks: Order most popular items fast
  • Buyer’s Guide: View all vehicles that your selected part fits
  • Product comparisons

You can also create estimates with ease for FREE. You can:

  • Combine parts, labor, shop supplies, taxes and more
  • Order NAPA parts right from the estimate
  • Save customer and vehicle information
  • Access to PRODEMAND (sign up for a FREE 14-day trial)
  • Seamlessly import customer and vehicle data to TRACS when ready to upgrade to full shop management

One of PROLinks latest and greatest features is it’s VIN Capture app. With your mobile phone, take a picture of the VIN number on a client’s car. Once you capture the VIN number, both the number and the vehicle will be saved to your NAPA PROLink Desktop. From there you can go ahead and do a parts search. What could be easier? In addition to all these great and helpful tools, PROLink also gives you access to Mitchell Flat Rate Labor Guide that can help you with pricing. Overall, it is clear that NAPA truly wants to help small business owners succeed.

Now that you know all about this great service, we know your next question. What are the requirements for getting this service? How can you talk advantage of it?

  • You must be an active commercial customer with your serving NAPA AUTO PARTS Store.
  • Your Local Participating NAPA AUTO PARTS Store must also be a subscriber on the NAPA Wide Area Network.

That’s it! So go for it. Check out NAPA PROLink and let them help you grow.

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