SEO Question of the Month: How Long Until My Website Gets Ranked?

So you have an optimized website, but you can’t seem to find it on search engines like Google.  Rest assured, your website will be found, but first Google needs to fully understand your website before they can rank it.

How Does This Work?

Google uses sophisticated algorithms to rank your website, then populate what the most relevant results for users’ search queries. These influential rank factors include, but are not limited to:

  • the age of your website and domain name,
  • how well your website loads,
  • whether or not the content is enriched to help users to better understand your website,
  • whether or not your internal website structure is labeled properly,
  • and the number of backlinks your website has.

Your Best Bet? Give it Time.

Though there are nearly two hundred more determining elements, you’ll find that time plays a key role in several of the algorithms.  One of the reasons is because other websites have established their front-page relevancy, so now your website has to prove its relevancy against these millions of other websites. Relevancy measures the overall accuracy of how your website’s content matches a user’s search phrase

Once your website reaches the top 5 pages, it has to compete its way to the front page.  Of course, getting to the front page takes a lot of time. But time is search relevancy’s best friend, so don’t get discouraged if this doesn’t happen right away. Rocketing to the front page of Google is actually quite rare!

This can all sound overwhelming, but essentially CarCareCONNECT believes in our program and has helped many auto repair shops establish their website on the first page for a variety of important, and competitive search queries.

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