Top 5 Ways to Market Your Auto Repair Shop

The auto repair industry is highly competitive, but how you market your shop will set you apart from your competitors. Everyone knows how to do basic marketing, but are you using the right strategies to keep your shop on top? We’ve got the top 5 ways that will help you build a profitable business, keep your customer retention rates up, and push you to be the top dog in your local area.

  • Aim to Get Those Referrals
    You have two types of customers: the new ones that pop in one time to check out how your shop is, and the old ones that loyally come whenever their car has a problem. You want to be sure that you have a constant inflow of these new customers! These are the people that you can turn into loyal customers, but what’s the best way to attract them? Referrals!As an overlooked marketing technique, a referral program can provide initiative for your current customers to share their great experience at your shop with their friends and family. Push your customers to do this by offering a free oil change or a discount on their next repair job if they refer a friend to your business.
  • Word-of-Mouth Going Digital: Social Networking
    Not only can you get more people to find your shop through referrals, but social networks are key these days. Social networking is a necessity in this era where everything has gone digital, so your business needs to have the basic social network package: a Facebook page and a Twitter account.Once again, you can gain followers by actively promoting it with special coupons to those who “like” your profile or start following you. Twitter will be a great way to keep your customers constantly updated and interested in your business. Show your shop’s personality with some funny anecdotes and repair tricks! By posting up promotions and keeping your page light and fun, you’re sure to gain loyal customers through social networking.
  • Hold Events Regularly
    It’s not only about telling people how great your shop, but you have to prove it to the community! Show your current customers that you have their best interests at heart. This can be done through small events like an info session that teaches your customers how to fix their heating system, a demo presentation about a cause like drunk driving that the community can help with, or a customer appreciation event.Let your community see the workers in your shop! Your staff can make a good impression with the customers, helping build a strong relationship that portrays your shop as a place that your customers can trust on rely on. Not only will events help retain customers, but new auto repair customers will also be attracted.
  • In With the Old, In With the New – Advertising
    These days, people are saying that you should switch over to a purely online strategy for advertising, but sometimes, you should keep the old as well as the new. By using this hybrid tactic of advertising, you are building a strong customer base. Just as you should push social online marketing efforts, you have to remember that newspaper and radio ads are still beneficial, as long as you track the results carefully. A hybrid strategy helps you reach a wide variety of different groups people who use different sources of media. With the many ways that you provide advertising, it is easier for potential customers to contact you. Make sure you are tracing which types of media best reach high-value customers!
  • The Right Way to Get the Right Kind of Attention
    For small auto repair shops, guerrilla marketing techniques are very effective in helping you get the attention you need. Let’s be honest, there’s a large number of auto repair shops in your area that provide the same services as you. What can set you apart other than better service? A unique approach to your advertising!Keep your way of advertising fun and intriguing; it’ll help keep customers coming back to see what you’ll do next. Even if you’re a traditional brick-and-mortar retail shop, you don’t have to stick to the “traditional” auto repair marketing techniques. Use technology and creativity to aid your marketing strategy, and in no time (with a small cost), you’ll be attracting the kinds of customers your shop needs to succeed.

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