What Are Analytics?


Analytics is a term you hear on the web thrown into all different types of scenarios. It has become the latest buzzword, with articles titled “Best Marketing Analytics Tools” or “Why You Need Web Analytics” covering the web. The word itself  might seem simple, like something everyone is supposed to already  know. But have you ever stopped and wondered what the word really means? Or what it can actually do for your auto shop?

By definition, analytics are the process of collecting and interpreting data to create information.  But how does that apply to your web presence? Many times we use analytics to study old data, so that we can analyze the effects of business decisions we’ve made in the past. Basically,  the end goal of analytics is to improve your auto shop’s business based on the knowledge that you obtained through information on the data. Google provides a tool called Google Analytics (go figure) that shows website owners detailed statistics gathered from their site, through Google’s algorithms.

Analytics is buzzing around the internet for a reason, because there are so many benefits to using analytics in your auto shop.  Analyzing data helps you find ways to cut costs, make more informed decisions,  and deliver value to your customers. The more you know about the details of your auto shop, the better service you will be able to provide.

However, the key to analytics isn’t necessarily  to simply generate more data. You see, more data doesn’t lead to answers, its the right data that brings us answers. It’s important to not go overboard searching through endless data to find statistics that won’t really change the way you operate your automotive shop. Once you find out which analytics allow you to improve your business, stick to it so that it can really shape your office operations for the better.

If you’re using Google Analytics, we recommend using the Traffic Type feature that allows you to see where your traffic is coming from. Also the Visits vs. Unique Visitors  and the Pageviews vs. Unique Pageviews in the bottom right of the screen are extremely helpful features that show how visitors are progressing through your site.

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