What’s the Difference Between Google Places & Google Plus?

A lot of auto shop owners are wondering if Google Places and Google+ are the same thing. Many auto shops wonder if they need one, or both, or neither. If you’re confused here, just know that you’re not alone. The social media landscape changes pretty quickly, and Google doesn’t always make it easy to understand or keep up with those changes. Here’s a quick breakdown of the important  Google Places and Google+ points.

Google Places

google places2 The easiest way to grasp Google Places is to think of it as a voluntary, super charged listing on a search engine where you control the information. Search engines will have your automotive business listed but the information is limited.  When you have a Google Places account, you can control your information which includes a description, hours of operation, contact information, and images. If your hours or location changes you can adjust your information through the dashboard, and never have to wait for the information to catch up with you sometime in the distant future. And additional advantage is that your listing shows up in Google Maps.

Google +


What is social media without whole… social thing? Google + is just that– the place for developing your social contacts with your business. On Google+ you can add people to your circles, which is similar to friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.  There you can post updates, blogs, or any general content that will help drive interest in your auto business. Once posted, everyone in your circle can see and share the information.

Which is Best Automotive Businesses?

Google Places and Google + are two different functions and serve your business in different ways, and it’s important to use them both for the greatest advantage. Google has made that a lot easier since making it possible to combine the two features and manage them both from one dashboard. We recommend that you:

  • Claim your Google Places/Google+ Local Account
  • Optimize your Google Places/Google+ Local Page
  • Be active on your Google Places/Google+ Page
  • Read the Various Google Forums
  • Be Patient and try not to get frustrated. Trust us, you aren’t the only business out there having a hard time with this!

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