“When do I start seeing results from SEO?”


As common as it may be, many people are misguided by this question. They sign up for SEO services and think, “In exactly how many minutes will I start to see a higher ranking?” But those who ask this question usually don’t realize that SEO is not instantaneous, it’s an ongoing process. This means that your website’s ranking will improve with time.


So in order to answer the question, “how long does it take for SEO to start working?” we’ve got to be honest. It depends. It depends on a lot of things, such as: how long you’ve had a website, what kind of shape it’s in, the quality of content, backlinks  and if you’ve had any previous SEO and/or online presence.


At CarCareCONNECT, our SEO experts feel you should give the SEO process a minimum of 3 months for your website to begin to gain relevancy and credibility across search engines.  This generally allows enough time for all the directories to be updated and your website to be entirely crawled and indexed.


But keep in mind this is when you start to see results. With our continual SEO work, your ranking will improve even more over time. A common mistake that many auto shops make is stopping their SEO services too soon. They underestimate how much time it takes to see success from SEO, so they get frustrated and leave before the website has enough time to build and generate traffic. We want to help mechanics understand the process behind their website and the benefits of SEO.  We tell every mechanic we work with to think of SEO as a long-term marketing strategy, because that’s what it really is.


A more important question that you should be asking is  “How long will it take to for SEO to start generating sales?” That is the end goal of SEO, right? Well, that’s a question we have a more definite answer for. We provide all of our clients with monthly analytics reports, so that they can see the extent to which SEO is directly impacting their shop’s success.


So here’s what you should do next. Start by using our Free Website Diagnostic. It’ll tell you exactly how well your website stacks up against competitors. Then give us a call. Our SEO experts will give you the run-down on how we can improve your SEO rank. Start improving your long-term traffic today.

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