Why Investing in an Awesome Logo is Important!


There are a lot of important aspects to running an auto shop such as quality of service, customer service, and time management. While all of those things are important, there’s another element that many auto shops forget to stress—providing awesome visuals in their branding.  A company’s branding says a lot about who they are and they quality of service they provide. More than just an image, eye-catching logos that pop can make a huge difference in the growth of your business.

Why investing in a Kick Arse Logo is Important

Some business owners think that a professional and appealing logo is either unnecessary or not as important for the small shop owner. Think about it—If someone says, “chips”  or “soda” a brand immediately comes to your mind, not just a pile of chips or cup of some unidentified soda. Big companies use logos because logos work, no matter the size of the business, because people need them to help them remember.  Your logo is like the fuel injector, providing the best bang for your marketing buck.

A great logo serves many purposes:

  • Your signature and expression of your identity
  • Develops trust
  • Prevents your automotive shop and services from being “generalized” as one of many
  • Makes your business memorable
  • Expresses professionalism
  • Attracts new customers
  • Builds customer loyalty

What Kinds of Logos Work Best?

Well-Known World Brand Logotypes

Since logos are so important and so personal to the business, it’s easy to overcomplicate them or create one that will not stand the test of time or growth.  When you think of logos that work, they all have certain things in common. Think of those elements when considering your own logo.

  • Fewer elements are easier to remember. Logos that take too much time to figure out are too difficult to recall when it’s time to pass along your name.
  • Stand out graphically with eye-catching design or colors
  • Relevant to the industry and your business. The logo should make sense to anyone unfamiliar with your name and service.
  • Able to withstand time or business expansion
  • Able to be consistently applied throughout the business. Ask yourself if it will work on your shop uniforms, website, mailers, and signage. Make sure that it is able to be reduced and enlarged well.

In the automotive business, a professional logo doesn’t just connect your name to an image. It connects you to your customer.

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